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It's a magical journey, life.Embrace your own realities.Forget those unrealistic expectations.



This world is full of so much bullshit and lies, it's about time we celebrated how f*****g great we are.  As a musician, my desire is that listeners will embrace their own realities in an ever-changing world.  With an ambition to remove unrealistic expectations of appearance and vanity in a modern society, my journey has only just begun.  My music sits within the pop genre, with inspiration from alternative artists such as Banks and FKA Twigs.  My latest single, The World Had A Plan, is available on all major streaming platforms. 

Lock Magazine - CMWYW Release
Off The Record - CMWYW Release
She Makes Music - CMWYW Release
Drop The Spotlight - CMWYW Release
LeFuture Wave - CMWYW Release
She Makes Music - YDRLH Release
FMS - YDRLH Release
The Stumble Upon - YDRLH Release
Flex - YDRLH Release
Volatile Weekly - YDRLH Release
GigSoup - YDRLH Release
Hype Machine - YDRLH Release
SongBrewery - YDRLH Release
Fame Magazine - CMWYW Release
FAME Magazine - CMWYW Release
London Café - CMWYW Release
Purple Melon - CMWYW Release
Fresh New Tracks - CMWYW Release
Essentially Pop - Ready Set Go Release
We Write About Music - RSG release
Desert Island Cloud - POAS release
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