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And here is my first blog post.........

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Now, before you roll your eyes and think 'urgh, another bloody blog', give it a read and see what you think! You might be pleasantly surprised or your eye roll may be COMPLETELY called for! Either way you are technically winning at life!

The first thing that I want to write about is why I am even doing this in the first place, I mean, I'm trying to break into the music industry, so why the hell would this make a difference? And the honest answer is social media - it sucks balls and I don't really want to be on it. Buuuuut, no matter how much research I do on 'ways to market your music without social media', there isn't really an answer that DOESN'T include social media (even Google can't find that needle in the haystack). So this leads me, in a long winded and sometimes soul destroying way, to a blog. Ultimately, I can share with you lot what potentially uninteresting things I've been up to, what stupid shit I've been thinking about, what exciting things (in my opinion) are on the horizon and oh yer, what music I have coming out soon!! ALL WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT POSTING A FUCKING STORY ABOUT IT, EVERY DAY!! I can just share it with you, once a month, with a few social posts peppered in to make sure you turn up to my gigs and know when my music is coming out! I'm happy, social media fans are happy and my opinion of myself doesn't go down the toilet every time I open a social media app! OH and I might create a fan base - BLOODY EXCELLENT!

To make things a little friendlier for you people (because I too am King/Queen/Legend Of Skim Reading On My Commute), I will split the blog into sections, so you can either read through it all (thanks Mum & Dad) or skip to the part you could have an interest in! YOU. ARE. WELCOME!



Ready Set Go, the third single from my debut EP (Ready Set Go) dropped in July and has been gaining some slow, yet steady traction. This track is a little different to my other releases, so I did expect the reception to be different. On a positive, the track has been picked up by a plethora of gaming playlists on Spotify, which is big news for me as I feel like it's one step closer to being featured on the FIFA soundtrack (EA, sort it out, pleeeeeease!). This track is another one of my assaults on social media and the frustratingly large array of people who post endless lies as truth (a staple in my vocal rants and melodic bitching). The song also feels much bigger than the small venues I am currently commandeering, so maybe one for Glasto in a few years! This is also probably the point you should head over to Spotify for a listen if you haven't already!!

I have a few shows coming up over the next few months, so if you are in London, bored on a school night or seizing every opportunity to see live music after lockdown, COME SEE MEEEEEE!! The best thing is that all my up-coming shows are free entry, so you can't use being skint as a valid reason! Also, tonnes of other artists will be playing on the same stage, so even if you think I'm shit, you are more than likely to see someone who you do rate (another win, win situation for you!) To big up these gigs EVEN MORE, one is a virtual Listening Party where you can buy some Silvre merchandise with half the proceeds going to Friends of the Earth charity (shit, how many win win situations can I give you?)

And lastly, and this one is a bloody looooooong shot, but if you fancy funding a musicians journey, then you can sign up to a monthly membership, which gives you access to ALL SORTS OF FREE/DISCOUNTED SHIT and all funds will go straight back into the money pit that is my second EP production project (don't be put off by the 'money pit' comment, it's gona be a banger and worth every penny you donate)!!



This is the bit where I get to share some silly photos with you, without a whiff of 'Babe, can you retake that photo, my chin looks like a sausage?', not a single sign of 'Amy, how much longer are you gona be' and CERTAINLY not a second of real life missed because I'm too busy DESPERATELY trying to capture the moment. However, I do actually want to take this opportunity to say to those of you that do share on social media, I'm not hating on you, I actually enjoy following my friend, family, pet and baby updates every now and then, so don't stop on my part (Billie Brooklyn/Robyn Hargreaves, you are my spirit animals!)!! I only hate if you Photoshop your photos or make out that the photo was the first take, when it was really the fifteenth you took!)

August included chilling back at the family home, a stray cockatiel flying into our garden, babysitting two kittens, Fleet Fest, ALT-LDN festival (yes live music and sweaty crowds), new hair (thank fuck), a big swing and dancing in Chilworth Manor, 'Golas Dancing Boys' and my brother......thinking very little of my new track (DICK!)



Wrapping things up here in case you are one of those (two) glorious people who read this far (thanks again Mum & Dad), here are a few things I discovered in August 2021:

1. Sunglasses made from trawl nets recovered from the ocean (I mean, awesome right?)

(courtesy of WaterHaul -

2. Figuring out how the hell to travel the world sustainably

(courtesy of

3. Seeing that even lampposts hate their bosses

(which segues beautifully into the..............)

4. My next single Puppet on a String is out on 8th October, alongside my full EP Ready Set

Go. The track is about the corporate world and how it is mainly run by a bunch of

imbeciles, so it's a bit bad ass!! **SHAMELESS PLUG** If you sign up to my newsletter

below, you will get alerted to my next blog post, which will feature more details on the

release (YOU. ARE. WELCOME......AGAIN)



I mean, I actually really enjoyed writing this, which has surprised me!! Let's just hope you enjoyed reading it (to be fair, I'll even be grateful if you got this far by just looked at the pictures)! And, if you didn't enjoy it, at least you never have to read anything from me every again (unfollow, unsubscribe ......... UNSUBSCRIBE!) However, if you did enjoy this, please do share with your buds, enemies and colleagues as every little share that isn't of a photoshopped boob, thigh, forehead or armpit is one step closer to helping our future kids live in a world where social media does't make them hate themselves. Here's to loving life, worshipping sausage chins and banning the phrase 'Break the Internet' unless you have come up with a way to end climate change.

x - Silvre - x

P.S. If you wana hear more, sign up to my newsletter for new blog post alerts! JUST DO IT!!

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