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....looks like you are back for more!

The fact that you are here reading this is amazing for two reasons, either you enjoyed first one and are back for more (YAAAASSSSS) or you've seen so much hype about the first blog that you have come to check it out yourself (YAAAASSSSS) - either way, welcome!!

As mentioned before, I'm writing this blog as a way to share with you lot, without hating every part of my soul because of social media expectations (see previous blog post for a detailed 'hatedown' on social media). I'll be mainly sharing shit about my music, but also covering fun personal shit and also things that matter to me (this one is a tough one!). Keep reading, sexy people.....



September was ALLLLL about planning and prepping for a bloody big October, but in the end, all I did was dick around in Ibiza (more about that later). This means I have very little to tell you about what DID happen, and loooooooads to tell you about the future!! Woooohooo!

September 30th saw me RETURN TO THE STAGE at 26 Leake Street, which was a silly amount of fun and a bloody epic venue in the Waterloo graffiti tunnels (pretty sure we all got high off the fumes). I absolutely love performing live and it gives you lot the opportunity to see what a wally I am and how utterly bad my dance moves are (#awkwardchorusdancing). Manufactured pop has absolutely nothing on me! LOL

Now aside from desperately trying to practise my dance moves in the mirror, October holds a lot of fun things for me which I hope you will all be a part of:

  • 7th October - Listening Party: At 7pm, will be a live broadcast of my debut EP, Ready Set Go, with some silly and serious questions at the end. The best thing about this gig is that you don't have to leave your house, sort your hair out or even put clothes on if you can't be arsed! Alongside this, you can also buy some exclusive merchandise where half of the money raised will go to the FRIENDS OF THE EARTH charity - talk about having your cake and eating it!! Tune into the link below at 7pm on 7th October.

  • 8th October - Ready Set Go EP release: Head to your preferred streamer and constantly stream MY DEBUT EP! It includes Puppet On A String which has not yet been released!! I actually can't believe that I am releasing an EP, this is literally bonkers and something I thought I could only dream of!! A huge amount of time, love, perseverance and creativity went into this badboy, so let's hope you like it! BIG SHOUTOUT to Alix Robson, Chris Weston and Cam Soper for your unwavering support on this, it literally would not be here without you! BOOOOM!

More gigs are on the horizon for November, so keep a look out on my social channels for more details (I can't wait for the day I don't have to write that shit)!!



Music aside, this is where I tell you about all the fun shit I've got up to, without opening a single social media app (thank GOOOODNESS). September was a.........solid PARTY MONTH for me as I had the fucking JOY of flying to Ibiza to celebrate my hen do! It was EPIC and I wish I could go back to the day I was drinking Crystal Head vodka with my crew, in Ocean Beach - WHAT. A. DREAM! It was amazing and worth all the paperwork, PCR tests, lateral flow tests and money to took to get out there (not sure the other hens would agree LOL). Some photos cannot be shared (cue me twerking in my bikini - not sure ANYONE wants to see that):

September included (and not limited to) paddle boarding, PCR tests, sleeping in hammocks with Doritos, Glory Holes (curtsey of Pikes), sunsets, squad photos, willy sweets & willy straws, drinks, more drinks, OOOOOHH and merchandise designs coming to life (available at my Listening Party).



This is where my blog starts to come to an end, but I still have a few more things to say (you know, I have a months worth of social media guff to put down here, so it takes time! haha)

  • Apparently I need to take my own advice. The sole purpose behind my music project (aside from making banging music) is to bring some normality back to the music world (and hopefully social media too) and yet, I spent about £150 making myself look good for Ibiza!! (WHAT. A. TWAT!) I had my eyelashes curled and dyed, alongside getting all my nails painted! I also spent most of the holiday worrying about how much I look like the pillsbury doughboy!! In hindsight I can tell myself what a dick I was being, but at the time, it was all I thought about! PLEASE CAN WE SEE MORE NORMAL HOLIDAY SNAPS FROM PEOPLE so we can enjoy ourselves at all times!! I'm really shouting at myself for giving a shit and for not actually documenting my insecurities, but hey, I'm learning along the way!!

  • Sarah Everard. September saw the trial of her murderer hit the media and it was more horrific than any of us could imagine! It has made me feel physically sick, cry at my desk, be fearful to be alone (in my own home), question my moral code and realise how fragile life is. None of which can compare to what she went through or what her family have gone through. THINGS. NEED. TO. CHANGE - I don't know how and I can't offer any solutions, but I know this is true!! R.I.P Sarah. (She matters more than words can explain.)



As always, I have really enjoyed writing this, (even as I had a snot-fueled cry when writing about Sarah Everard) and I hope you enjoyed the read! No doubt the premise for the blog will change as the months go on, but the sole purpose is to share with you lot outside of social media, in an attempt to create a fan base away from filters, fake smiles and just categorical lies. Life is hard enough without having to fit into these perfect lives that don't actually exist!

x - Silvre - x

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