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November, the month my store launched!

Hellooooooooo glorious people and welcome back to the sweary word library that is my blog! Full of music updates, social media bitching, swear words and far too many exclamation marks! Even though we are well and truly into December, I will refrain from too much Christmas chat (I'll save that for the December round-up), but will keep you entertained enough to get you to the end!! YAY!

This is now my fourth blog post and I am getting into a bit of a rhythm of writing this stuff! For those of you who have returned for another slice (thank you so much), you will be more than aware of why I am writing this!! But if you are new here (welcome my friend), this is where I share my musical journey with you all, without wasting hours and hours on social media! It feels great, you get significantly less spam and hopefully I can reach my musical achievements without relying on social media and shit, fake filters! THE, DREAM!!! Welcome to the fold!!



I have so much to update you all on around music, so this is always my favourite section of the blog! It also happens to be the most important part as this is what you have come for, right (or is it the silly selfies and hangover faces?)! November was SOOOOO productive. I have started working on my next EP (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) I spent some well overdue days in the studio writing and recording the five tracks that will feature on the EP! Lots of old emotions and laughs were used to create the songs and we are ALMOST complete with the recording - it really is my best therapy!! AND I have the absolute joy of sharing the finished 'therapy sessions' with you! December will be spent recording the backing vocals and mastering the tracks, so I REALLY hope to be able to share this with you across the first half of 2022!! Please keep an eye out and subscribe to my newsletter as you'll be the first to know when a release date is set!! I. CANNOT. WAIT!!

I also now have the joy of working on the imagery and videos that will accompany the EP release!! I am fucking buzzing to record my first music video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! I just have to remember that I can't dance like Britney, I don't have J-Lo's bum nor do I have Beyonce's budget, but I WILL deliver a silly slice of Silvre, in a 4 minute video!! Don't get too excited people - actually, DO please!!! Wooohooooo!

Finally, I have AT LAST set up my merch store, so you can now purchase some of my exclusive merchandise!! The options include eco-friendly, sustainable t-shirts, signed posters and CD versions of the debut EP, Ready Set Go - also printed on recyclable, sustainable sourced materials! Please take a look and GET THOSE ORDERS IN!! The t-shirts are very limited, so don't leave it too long - what a better Christmas present, right??!!!! DO IT PEOPLE!! YAAAAASSSSSSSS!


This month was an AWESOME amount of fun and is probably not the best lead up to the party month of the year, December! The month started with a health stab at no drinking, healthy eating and the right amount of sleep - only to be replaced by WAAAAAAAY too many late nights and just a drop too much of white wine! But hey, you only live once, right!

We had the absolute joy of seeing some epic live music this month, including Sleep Token, Cleopatrick AND Pete Tong, alongside The Heritage Orchestra!! And each one just helped fuel the fire to stick at the music journey!! There are often times when you question whether it is worth all the hard graft, but then you see a live orchestra perform 'One (Your Name), by Swedish House Mafia and Pharrell Williams and the fire is INSTANTLY ignited.......and I wasn't even DRINKING!!! The biggest thing I missed during the pandemic (aside from family) is absolutely live music!! The buzz is just EVERYTHING!!! Get those gig tickets booked people, it's worth the wait!

Finally, seeing as we have now stepped into December (cue Elton John), the joy of getting ready for Christmas has crept in! We even, fooooooolishly, let my nephew pick our Christmas tree.......this now means that we have a GINORMOUS tree in our rather average size flat! It smells great, but we may actually need some more decorations to get her fully dressed! Word of advice, don't let a 5 year old pick your tree (loooooool)!



Thanks so much for taking the time to read this far down, it really does mean a lot to me! Feel free to share it with your loved ones if you think it is worthy! The more the merrier is all I can say!! Plus, I have SOOOOOOO much to share with you next year, so it really is all about the MORE THE MERRIER!! 2022 is gonna be a good one, so I want to share it with as many of you as possible! And hopefully get you dancing and maybe having a cry over EP two!!

But before that all happens, have an AMAZING CHRISTMAS!! I'll see you on the other side, probably a bit rounder, heavier and likely craving a plate of broccoli, ready for the detox!!

x - Silvre - x


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