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October was a fricking blur.....

I cannot actually believe we are already in November, this is absolutely bonkers. With a combination of that twat COVID and working my little pants off, I actually have no idea where 2021 has gone! Thankfully we still have a few cold, dark months to go!!

Sorry, I'll bring back the positivity............CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS!! Too much!?

Anywho, welcome to my third blog post!! As I say every time, just in case you are new to this wonderful sweary place, this is where I share all the fun and mundane things that I get up to every month. I also take the opportunity to share with you all my future music plans, so you can all stream my tracks LIKE A BOSS, buy all my merch LIKE A BOSS and just generally rave about how good my music is LIKE A BOSS! I'll also take the opportunity to rant about how much I hate social media - classic!



This is OBVIOUSLY the most important reason as to why I'm here, talking to you (hellooooo)! If you read my last blog post (which I hope you did) you will know that I had a VERY busy October ahead of me and I did..........but not through music (more about that bollocks later). HOWEVER, I did still have some bloody wonderful music moments!!

On the 7th October, I aired my first Listening Party, hosting by the wonderful Hot Vox Music. This was my first EVER time in front of a camera and it was actually piss terrifying to have three cameras pointing at me - how the hell do actors DO THIS?!! But by the end of it, I was loving it and didn't want it to end (well, I guess that answers my last question - LOL)! Alongside the gig, I was also selling exclusive merch, with half the proceeds going to Friends of the Earth!


Two other great things came of it; I printed my first ever batch of t-shirts (WITH MY NAME ON THEM - AAAAAHHHH), I also got my EP produced into something that no one plays anymore (a CD for you children out there) and I donated £69 to Friends of the Earth! A SERIOUSLY successful night if I do say so myself! Having actual merch in my hands was definitely a big moment.16 year old me would actually be proud rather than thinking 'why do you sit in an office five days a week – LAME.' My glorious sister designed my logo and Frock and Roll Boutique did an excellent job of printing them on organic and sustainably sourced fabric! I am beyond delighted!

Also, Puppet on a String bloody well came out, too!! Super excited about this one as I love the attitude behind it, it feels REAL good to perform it live! It's about the corporate world and the bullshit that often comes with it when you are at the bottom of the ladder (or mid way for that matter!) A fucking cog in the machine, that is actually pretty vital, but not treated that way! Go have a listen and see if it relates to you at all! :D

Over the next few months, I'll be selling my merch to you wonderful people, so please keep a look out. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be the FIRST to hear, which, you know, is a fucking treat really! JUST DO IIIIIT (please!)



October was a categorical WORK focused month, which always makes me incredibly sad! Yes, it pays ALL THE BILLS, yes I actually like the company I work for, YES the people are pretty awesome and fuck yes I love the film industry...........but it ain't the dream! Usually I have a good work, life, music balance, but this month was solid WORK, with a bit of life on the side! Hey, it could be worse!

On the plus side, we went to a BANGING wedding in Cornwall, where we saw our closest friends FINALLY getting married after a good old COVID delay! I borrowed so much fun from the next day, that I slept for more than 24 hours! YES I AM OLD AS FUCK and can't drink anymore! I did however, raise the share price for white wine across the world with the amount I drank - you are welcome wine!

Another highlight was attending a Nothing But Thieves gig, which was INCREDIBLE - I fucking love them!! We were literally in the gods at the O2 arena, but we were able to watch the mosh pits unfold without getting punched in the face (not sure they are a mosh pit band, but we'll go with it). I enjoyed it so much, I had a little cry when they played Everybody's Going Crazy - by far my favourite of theirs! Live music is JUST. SO. GOOD! The flashing lights, the sweaty people, the phenomenally loud music and the rank beer, it just makes me so very happy! Hopefully, at one of my gigs in the future, I'll get a mosh pit going or make someone have a little cry - what an honour that would be!



Mental health really matters. I won't talk about this for long because a lot of people are already saying what I think, but your mental health really needs to be looked after, just like you look after your physical body. I've had a few dark days over the last month, when everything has just felt a bit too much and as much as that is 'just life', it's also an opportunity for things to take a turn for the worse, without you even realising it! I am very lucky that I have someone to talk to every day (and fuck does he deal with my shiiiiiiiiit), to help me find solutions, tell me it will get better and just generally rant at (I do ALOT OF the latter) and that exercise has been so crucial for me over the last month. Find someone to talk to, no matter how 'big' or 'small' it is. Let's be honest, it is ALWAYS relative and if you don't have anyone you can confide in, there are charities that can be that support to you. And quite frankly, they will be a lot better trained at it compared to your friends!! There is often a solution - you just need to find it or talk to someone who can find it for you.



That is me done for another month! Thanks AS ALWAYS for taking the time to read this far down, it's a long one (sozzle)!! Here's to another month of not wasting endless hours on social media, but to getting swamped in work instead (LOL). If you've had a few LOLs whilst reading this, please do share with your friends, every subscriber makes a huge difference AND allows me to please your ears with more of my music in the future (you LUCKY SHITS). Until next time...

x - Silvre - x


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