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Well, hasn't it been a while??!!!!

It feels like a LIFETIME since I last sat down and wrote a blog entry!! I'd love to say it’s because I have been wandering through fields, cosying up with a book and laughing in slow motion with friends as I 'disconnect' from technology (cue video montage), but that's just not true! I haven't had the bloody time and I'm OK with that, if you are?!!! :D

But here I am again, with an update on aaaaallllll things music, what's going on in my tiny part of the world and a little dissection of the general world today! The latter is an incredibly tough one for this blog post, so I'll try to keep it concise (HUUUGE kudos and thanks if you get all the way to the end BTW!!!!)



This is the biggest drive behind my blog as I want to share with you everything I am getting up to and it is A LOT at the moment, which is AWESOME (I have a feeling I write that in every blog post!!!)!!!! I am in the final stages of finishing EP2, which is called The World Had A Plan (doesn’t it sound like a Bond film?!!! YEEERRRR BOY!) and I am counting down the days to share it with you!! The collection of songs tell a story that is VERY dear to me, difficult at times to express, but ultimately takes you on a journey through a love story!! Some of it was tough to write, but the joy of songwriting is that it is a form of therapy, so I inevitably end up in a better place, with a smile on my face!!! If you haven't already subscribed to my mailing list (shameless plug), please do as you'll be the first to know about the release dates!!! YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS BITCHES!!!!!

I had the pure joy of performing at Roadtrip and The Workshop near Old Street in February and it was GENUINELY the first time I have stood on stage and enjoyed it MORE than I was terrified!!! YAAAASSSSSSS!! As someone who wants to do this on a regular basis, this is a monumental moment as it makes no sense to pursue something if you don't, in fact, BLOODY ENJOY IT! I have the joy of having regular 'performance' sessions with a MASSIVE LEGEND that I know, who has taught me a few things that help with performance dread; don't bloody dwell on the past, definitely don't worry about the future (you wally) and JUST FUCKING PERFORM IN THE MOMENT!!! There is obviously a lot more to it than that (and I added the swearing) but it has made a WORLD of difference (thanks dude!!)!! If you want to find out for yourself, I have a few gigs coming up, so keep an eye out for when I announce them!! You can then come see for YOURSELF!! YOU. ARE. WELCOME!!!

The last thing I want to mention in the music section of this blog, is that some great news came out at the end of last year regarding the music industry and the environment (FINALLY)!!!! Now, this is by no means a cure, but some of the major labels have signed a pact called the Music Climate Pact, with an aim to help tackle the climate crisis by 'decarbonising' the industry. How this will be done is still something I am keen to research, but these are the BIG ASS players in this industry, so it is potentially a HUGE move!! I'll be keeping an eye on this and how it develops!!! FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE, THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT! (no pressure!!)



I know I joked about it at the start of the post, but I did actually have a relaxing, tech-free and different Christmas to previous years (I KNOOOOW, as if I can talk about Christmas in March!!!!) We both got COVID!!!! The downside was that we only saw our families virtually, we handmade Christmas crackers as there were none to be found ANYWHERE in London on Christmas Eve and we DEFINITELY completed Netflix!! But these were certainly outweighed by the positives!! I loved spending so much time with just him, I turned off ALL social media notifications (and they haven't been turned back on since!! BEST. MOVE. EVER) and we didn't travel anywhere!! It was so relaxing, strangely!!

My sister went and got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! (much to Mummy's HATRED!!) Welcome to the clan, Lola - all the fluff, all the cuddles, all the nibbling and all the playing! She's absolutely rad and doesn't make me want a dog at all!!!!! *types in 'Weimaraner puppies for sale' into Google*.

Oh yer and last weekend, we took part in the Brighton half marathon!!!! It was a lot of fun, but the head wind at the end was a TOSSER!!!! The training paid off and it felt like a huge achievement for us both!! I think we officially have the bug as we are looking for the next one to compete in! We will actually be asking people to sponsor us this time, so keep your beady eyes on the look out!!! The cause will always be worthy! :D :D

Here is a collection of silly photos to enjoy, immediately scroll past or criticise (totally your choice, PEOPLE!!!)! Oh yer, the first one is from my hen do, it's the only photo or memory I have of it ;-) - thanks for keeping your eyes open Beaut!:



This is the part of the blog that I am most afraid to write as quite frankly, I can't believe I am writing it! The world is in a FUCKING SHIT SHOW and it seems to be directed by a tiny majority of people, representing 'the actual people'! I will immediately start by stating that I won't be pushing my opinion, not because I sit on the fence, I DON'T, but because I don't have enough facts to PUSH an opinion on you! I'm trying to find information that ISN'T biased (which is hard, most news outlets have an agenda) to form a fair opinion and I can only ask that you do the same!! In all honesty, I'm actually terrified, terrified of how this will end, terrified of what TERRIBLE decisions will be made by a few people at the top and in the long run, terrified to bring children into this SHIT SHOW of a world (It was wonderful this weekend, watching my nephews playing, just blissfully unaware of what is going on!!)! But the reality is that I feel guilty to feel afraid, what about those who are actually living WITHIN this nightmare, losing THEIR men who have been called up to fight, or just innocent people in the wrong place, at the wrong time! That is where our energy needs to go, helping them as best as we can, while trying to get on with normal life (which feels so weird to me)!!!

I leave you with a great article from Global Citizen, which shares meaningful ways that you can help Ukraine, so if you do anything, at least give it a read!

x - Silvre - x

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